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Nissan 370Z Brakes Wheel 

Nissan 370Z Stopping Power

  By Mike Kojima, Engineering Editor


The Nissan 370Z offers two brake packages.  The standard brake package is virtually unchanged from the standard brake package on the 350Z.  12.6x1.10-in. vented rotors up front and 12.13x0.63-in. vented rotors out back are gripped by conventional, industry standard, cast-iron single-piston floating calipers. If you're an ordinary driver who, doesn't plan on enjoying track days or other high-performance driving adventures, the standard brakes are more than adequate.  Equip them with performance brake pads and stainless lines, and these brakes should even prove adequate for the occasional track day, especially for a beginner.



The 370Z's optional sport brakes have huge 14-in. diameter, 1.26-in. thick front rotors--as big as any aftermarket racing brake package for the 350Z.  The beefy Akebono 4-piston aluminum caliper is stiff for good pedal feel and has huge brake pads.  The 370Z's brakes are race capable with just the addition of braided steel brake lines, high temperature fluid and proper brake pads.  As soon as the aftermarket develops lightweight, two-piece floating rotors, the ultimate brake solution will be available for a refreshingly low price.


What is really interesting new is the optional sport package brakes.  The sport brake package is available on both the standard and touring models of the 370Z as an option. These suckers are huge. 14 x 1.26 inch front rotors are gripped by 4 meaty piston calipers.  The 350Z's Brembo's are gone but they have been replaced by Nissan branded alloy bodied calipers probably made by Akibono.  The caliper bodies look beefy hopefully meaning that they will be stiff, a stiff caliper helps make for a reassuringly firm brake pedal.  The rear rotors are also a huge 13.8 x .79 inches in diameter with an alloy bodied two piston calipers.  These brakes are the equivalent in size to the biggest aftermarket racing brakes available for the 350Z.  The major difference is the 370Z gives this to you as stock!  


The rear brake rotors on the 370Z are bigger than any aftermarket racing brakes on the market for the 350Z.  The huge rotors are 13.8 inches in diameter and .79 inches wide.  Big Akebono alloy 2 piston brake calipers grab the rotors with big brake pads.  The rear brakes have a parking brake drum that is integral to the rear rotor.  This might make it difficult to make a two piece rear floating rotor.  However some companies do this for similar cars like the 350Z and the EVO.


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