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Suspension 101 or how to get a Race car over a curb the right way!
Last Post 24 Nov 2009 09:54 PM by robispec. 0 Replies.
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24 Nov 2009 09:54 PM  
OK I was looking through the images from AAA Speedway at the Redling time attack and found a GREAT sequence shot by CALLI photography

Car is still under trail braking going right

Car is now transfering weight to the rear due to adding throttle

Car caught in the exact middle of the right to left transission and a touch of the brake

Trailing throttle and right turn-in weight transfer to outside right corner

Using the curb (still climbing)to cut down the radius of the corner and position the car for the next left hander

just after the peak of the curb note inside front tire still planted

Midway down the backside of the curb front still planted suspension extending

We have a VERY aggerssive rebound speed set into these "Robispec'd" KW's

Front effectively off the curb the tire has never left the ground!

Also note in the last 3 images the car body roll angle has stayed the same (within 1/2 degree)

This is while riding up and over a 6" curb.

This set of Robispec'r KW's has 3" bump and 3"+ droop travel

At full throttle chassis has never lost its "set" (gotten upset) going over the curb to place the car better for the next corner

Thats why Double Adjustable (2 way) long travel suspensions with independant compression and rebound valves ride great on the street while not embarrassing you at the track . I love my Modified KW's

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