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P0106 code for map sensos which lights up my CEL HELP!?
Last Post 21 Apr 2013 12:06 PM by MEGALAPAGAS. 0 Replies.
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21 Apr 2013 12:06 PM  
Ok, first off im new and ive always used this website due to its valuable and great info on 370z's. Anyway i installed a K&N Typhoon CAI on my 370Z, for about 8 months it was fine running smooth and everything. But then after the CEL light popped up and then all of sudden it would go away. Now i took my car to an automotive store to run a diagnostics and that code "P0106" pops up which is the Barometric Pressure Sensor (MAP sensor). what i dont want to think is that the CEL is because of my CAI because a CAI isnt something that can screw with your car (at least i dont think so). So i went to my nearest Nissan Dealership and they told me that The "MAP" sensor is the same TWO SENSORS(MAF) that are on my CAI. First off i think thats not possible but i REALLY NEED HELP in fixing this problem i hate getting on my car and BOOM the CEL is ON . BTW i forgot to add that, yes, ihave used MAF cleaner on my MAF sensors, i did that at the same time i bought 2 new K&N Cone Filters. Now what they told me at the dealership is that maybe the MAF/MAP sensors might have a lose wire or maybe its just deffective and i need to replace both sensors (255 EACH! :crying So if anyone Can help i would appreciate it!!
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