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370z Newb
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27 Feb 2015 06:36 PM  
Hello to all 370Z.Com members!! My name is Tim. I live in north Texas. I am 'basically new' to Nissan and the 370Z. I joined this forum, first, to hopefully learn all I can about the 370Z as well as hoping this is an active community so that I can garner the knowledge of 370Z owners. Second, I hope to learn all the do's and don't(s) of aftermarket goodies; what's worth the money and effort or "the best bang for the buck" so to speak. About me: For the past 10-12 years I have been a Corvette owner. I love Corvette and it will always be in my blood. However, I love all types of sports cars. When the present generation 370Z appeared, it's style caught my eye. But I never really considered it until about six-eight months ago when I seriously started considering it. Since then, I read about them, looked at them on Nissan's website but, I have not yet driven one. I suspect I will the next time I take my daily driver for service. For most of my life, I have driven Chevy/GMC products. I presently own a Yukon, Corvette Z06 and my newest vehicle, a Nissan Altima 2.5SL. I have dropped the GM fanboy enthusiast mode of thinking. And for reason. The BIGGEST reason: the new generation Vette Z06 will set you back $100,000 bucks, easily. I work for a living and have decided that unless I win the lottery, I have bought my last new Z06. Since I have always liked the 370Z styling, I am looking, studying, learning all I can about the 370Z. I am seriously considering getting into one. So, without further ado, I definitely would appreciate present owners/forum members insight, knowledge and afterthought regards these great looking cars. I plan to ask questions, so please bear with me as I learn and come "up to speed" so to say and please pardon me; in advance if I ask a stupid question. Regards, Tim in North Texas
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