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The 370 like most cars these days has 4-wheel anti lock brakes with 4 discreet sensor channels.  What is different is that the control logic is different as the ABS system is less intrusive in hard driving than on the 350z. A new innovation for the 370Z is a variable ratio brake pedal; this makes it so that the brake feel is consistent as the pedal is depressed.  The fulcrum on the brake pedal moves so the pedal to master cylinder motion ratio stays constant though out the pedals stroke.  This simple widget works so well and is so intuitive, all cars should use it.   The 370 also uses electronic brake force distribution and brake assist.  This system works through the ABS system to provide a more effective distribution of brake power than a typical proportioning valve will.  The system aggressively tries to give the rear brakes as much braking as possible rather than a crude roll off of hydraulic pressure that old school mechanical systems do.  This helps shorten stops at the limit and improve stability under hard braking.


370Z wheel bearing diameter
The front wheel bearings on the 370Z are considerably bigger in diameter then the 350Z.  The 370Z wheel bearing is the larger one on the left.  The 350Z bearing is on the right.  No the 370Z bearing will not interchange with the 350Z without some welding and machining.  The bearing bore is bigger and the bolt spacing of the carrier is different.  You would have to weld up the carrier holes in the 350Z spindle, then spot face and bore new holes for the hub bearing retainer and bore the bearing center hole out.  Finally, ideally you would re heat treat the whole thing.


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