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370z Seats
The 370Z's seats have large bolsters to support the driver during high G-moves.  The drivers seat has a shorter thigh bolster to make pedal operation easier.  The seats have grippy material in the center to help driver retention as well.

As you take a seat, the information layer consists of the first things that catch your eye.  You first notice the excellent forward visibility; the thin “A” pillars are surprisingly unobtrusive despite their radical forward rake.   The cowl is somewhat high but the hoodline falls away so the driver is still aware of where the corners of the cars are.   An example of a car there this vision is poor is the Corvette, you have to really be used to the Corvette to place it into a corner accurately with confidence.  As you adjust the seat and steering wheel, you note that the gauges move with the steering column and are framed by the unusual oval steering wheel so as not to obscure their view.

370Z 6-speed interior
The dash is a part of the information center with easy to read well placed gauges.  All switches fall easily to the hand.

All is not roses for driver's vision, the rear view is not that great as the car's high tail obscures a direct rearward line of sight and quarter vision is non-existent. The 350Z had the same problem, although the quarter vision is even worse in the 370Z.  To partially make up for this Nissan did bless the 370Z with excellent side view mirrors.  They are essential as the car would be very difficult to drive in traffic without them.  Motorcycle riders take note; don't linger in a 370Z's blind spot!  Another sort of off thing in a high performance sports car is the fact that the 370Z has 4 cup holders in the interior.  4 cup holders in a two seat car!  Just the thing when twin fisting while driving or perhaps a place to stow your chaser after your shot? 

370z quarter window
Although the tiny quarter windows play a critical role in the Z's neo-classic styling, the rear quarter vision seriously sucks.  Good thing the 370Z has excellent side mirrors.


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# palletguru
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 10:14 PM
Great review - got my 370z fix for the day. Shabby rear view = no big deal. It IS a sportscar after all.
# jrmahoney
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 4:24 PM
Ordered Plat/graphite 3/8/09 and await delivery; Concerned about all the buzz about oil overheating.
Should this be a concern for owners who will not be going to any "track'
to pretend they have a race car rather than a passenger car?
Will spirited driving alone create an oil overheating issue?
# ZmokinZ
Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:53 PM
So far so good! I don't track race with my 370z but I do cruise the country roads "spiritedly" put about 100 miles on easy and haven't had a problem. Oil has stayed at about 220 degrees or lower.
# love2dance
Saturday, June 06, 2009 4:18 AM
It need an oil cooler

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