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Greddy 370Z Twin Turbo Kit! 

GReddy releases 370Z Tuner Turbo Kit!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Greddy's 370Z Twin-Turbo system boasts an impressive 175 horsepower increase at a mere 6.4psi of boost. Tuner Turbo Kits come standard with high quality components: twin TD06SH-20G turbocharger, heavy duty cast turbo manifolds, Type T external wastegates, Airinx intake system, x-large Type-29 R-Spec intercooler, smooth flowing aluminum piping, and a large capacity cast aluminum oil pan. 

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Robispec Badass 370z street class time attack car

Robispec’s Street Class Time Attack Nissan 370Z, Simple is Better?

By Mike Kojima

Robispec is a Southern California tuning shop who’s specially is a rather unusual one. Instead of the typical shop in search of speed via the quest for more and more power, Robispec’s game is increasing lateral G’s, of the cornering kind. The proprietor of Robispec is Robert Fuller or Robi, one of our favorite people. Robi is always willing to lend a hand or give advice to whatever project we have asked him, either formally as our Project EVO IX or by helping us swing wrenches at the track. Robi is on our short list of people we call for help if we have a problem that needs solving.

About six weeks ago we got a call from Robi telling us he would have something special, a Nissan 370Z he was building for the SEMA show and the annual Source Interlink Super Lap Battle. As there has been a lack of serious Nissan 370Z parts development due probably to its sluggish sales, we eagerly awaited checking out what Robi could cook up in short order.

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JWT, Jim Wolf Technology, Nissan 370z, Oil pan spacer, VQ37VHR Oil pan spacer, VQ37VHR 370Z high oil temperatures

Jim Wolf Technology Releases Oil Pan Spacer for 370Z-VQ37VHR staff report

Jim Wolf Technology has released in oil pan spacer for the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 with the VQ37VHR engine.  The spacer fits in-between the upper and lower oil pan assembly's giving the sump an additional quart of oil capacity.  The oil pump pickup is also lowered

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G-Spec Nissan 370Z brake line Infiniti G37

G-Spec Braided Steel Brake Lines for the Nissan 370Z Rock!

By Mike Kojima

We recently evaluated a set of G-Spec lines for the Nissan 370Z.  The G-Spec lines also fit the Infiniti G37 Sedan and Coupe. We installed them on the Killer B which is starting to become our official 370Z Project demonstrator vehicle.  The Killer Bee is a Sport Package 370Z with the standard factory big brakes.  Although the Sport Package 370Z has exceptional brakes, some improvement can usually be found by installing braided steel lines.  This is because stiff braided steel lines do not expand with pressure like the stock rubber lines

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Nitto NT05 Review

Nitto NT05 Tire Review Staff Report

Although the Nitto NT05 was released a few months ago and is now somewhat old news, we would still like to report on it as we were part of the team that help conceptualize the tire from when it was proposed a few years ago.  Because of this attraction we are proud to see it on the market. Although Nitto has always had good product in its DOT Race and street tire market classes, Nitto was notably absent in offerings in the highest niche of ultra high performance near race, street legal tires.

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Stock Nissan 370Z dual mass flywheel on right, Jim Wolf Technology lightweight Nissan 370z flywheel on left

Testing Jim Wolf Technologies Ultra Light Flywheel and Heavy Duty Clutch- Will it Work With SynchroRev? (New Video!) By Mike Kojima

From a performance standpoint, the Nissan 370Z probably is one of the best candidates for performance improvement from a lightweight flywheel because of it's extremely heavy stock clutch and flywheel. The stock flywheel weights a stout 32 lbs, the pressure plate 16 lbs and the clutch disc 3 lbs. That’s 51 lbs of rotating weight that must be spun to speed at the end of the crankshaft! Why is the stock 370Z’s flywheel so weighty? In an effort to reduce NVH (That’s engineers speak for Noise Vibration and Harshness) to extremely low levels, Nissan made the stock flywheel very heavy. The heaviness of the flywheel helps to smooth out power impulses of the VQ37VHR engine.


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Stillen Gen 3 Nissan 370Z air intake

Stillen's Gen 3 Nissan 370Z Air Intake, Tested!

By Mike Kojima

Our test 370Z is a six-speed manual transmission sports package model equipped with a Stillen cat back exhaust, Stillen high flow cats and a Technosquare ECU reflash. For this test we used the Superflow AutoDyn 30 chassis dyno at Technosquare Inc.  As we have explained in previous tests, the AutoDyn 30 is a dyno that uses both inertial and static loading with weighted wheel rollers and an eddy current power absorber.  This is a very different method of measuring power from the common Dynojet dyno which is purely an inertial dyno.

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Nissan 370Z, Photoshop 370Z, JGTC Nissan 370Z

Build Your Own 370Z Part 3!

By Charlie Barnes

After sketching up the body kit, I traced it up with the PENTOOL in Adobe Illustrator.  As you can see, the body kit has raised wheel wells compared to the stock ones.  This was necessary to give it a more JGTC look suggested my Nissan Genius Mike Kojima.  I also added a splitter and wide flared fenders for that awesome wide wheel look.  Louvers for the front fender flairs added a nice touch as well.   Now that we have the design, I saved it and opened it up in Adobe Photoshop.

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Nissan 370Z killer bee on dyno

Nissan 370Z 6-Speed Manual Transmission Parts Dyno Test, We Test Stillen's Exhaust System and High Flow Cats With Technosquare's ECU Reflash

by Mike Kojima

For our test mule, we used the Killer Bee, the yellow 370Z that was our May feature car. The Killer Bee is a sports package 6-speed manual transmission 370 that was returned to stock for our evaluation. We will be evaluating more parts on the Killer Bee in the near future so stay tuned! In stock trim the Killer Bee slung out 262 whp at 7000 rpm and 210 lb/ft of torque at 4600 rpm. The VQ37VHR engine exhibited the typical wide flat torque curve and nice linear power curve that the VQ37VHR is becoming renowned for.

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Nissan 370Z forums

New! Upgrades Forums Staff Report

In response to our uses requests, has upgraded our forums to help build our community of hard core 370Z lovers.  To set us apart from the other 370Z forums we will strive to keep our 370Z forum a high signal to noise ratio, friendly place for the 370Z enthusiast.   Our highly qualified and experienced staff will work to give the true no BS answers to a lot of the questions 370Z enthusiasts may raise about a myriad of subjects. Unlike the other forums, we have inside technical connections with Nissan, Nissan Motorsports, Nismo and the Nissan Performance aftermarket.

Our upgraded forum now features the same interactive functions as popular forum formats with a much more intuitive, easy to use format. Please feel free join our community and enjoy!

 -The staff

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2011 Nissan 370Z hybrid sports carNissan to launch hybrid 370Z sports car in 2011? (updated, new info! 5/28/09)  by Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z hybrid will be powered by a version of the VQ engine displacing 3.7 liters and an electric motor. A hybrid drive system will use two separate clutches, one between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor with another clutch between the electric motor and the drive wheels. This system will optimize performance and efficiency depending on operating conditions. The new hybrid system will also feature a full plug in EV mode for city type conditions where charging stations are available to maximize economy.

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Nissan 370Z VQ37VHR VVEL system

Nissan’s 370Z VQ37VHR Cylinder Head and VVEL Continually Variable Cam Timing Technology(NEW VIDEO)  by Mike Kojima

The unique VVEL system completely controls the intake valves opening and closing events. The VVEL system is exceedingly complicated using two separate rotating shafts driving links that operate eccentrics activating a valve activating reciprocating rocker arm that takes the place of the traditional cam lobe.


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19 Feature: The KillerBee Feature: The KillerBee(NEW VIDEO!)  by Jeff Naeyaert

The beginning of a project often begins with a disaster. The owner of this Nissan 370Z was previously into Mitsubishi EVO’s having a nice example of an EVO IX. The EVO was totaled in an unfortunate rear ender leaving our owner with a chance to pursue a new dream with a brand new car.  READ ON!


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  If you are reading this, you might have read about these things on a forum, you might have heard the rumors or you might have experienced some...

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