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Jim Wolf Technology Releases Oil Pan Spacer for 370Z-VQ37VHR staff report

Jim Wolf Technology has released in oil pan spacer for the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 with the VQ37VHR engine.  The spacer fits in-between the upper and lower oil pan assembly's giving the sump an additional quart of oil capacity.  The oil pump pickup is also lowered.

Given the VQ37VHR's penchant for overheating its oil, and Nissan's design tendency to have small sump capacities on it's high performance engine, JWT's pan spacer is a prudent mod for anyone doing any sort of extended high speed driving.   If you partake in brisk road driving on hot days, trips to the drag strip, autocrosses and track days, the JWT oil pan spacer is a good idea, especially when combined with an oil cooler.

The additional oil depth also helps provide better oiling during long high G turns where the stock oil pick can become exposed allowing the oil pump to suck air.  This can cause severe engine damage. Although is is not an issue with the stock 370Z, cars with modified suspension and stickier tires often suffer from oil starvation, especially when driven on the track.

We consider JWT's oil pan spacer a bit of cheap, easy to install insurance for your engine.


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