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Step 5:  Now that you have your white background, create another layer for your color.  This time I chose Yellow.  I again used the Paintbucket to fill Layer 3 with Yellow.  This will be the base of your car. Using the original image as a reference, I began to shade the paintjob using the paintbrush tool with an Opacity of 8 with a darker brown-orange color.  I continued to "paint" with this process until I was done shading.


Step 6:  Using the Magic Wand Tool or "W" I went to the original line art layer(layer1) and hit SHIFT and proceeded to click on the windows.  Once they were selected, I began to color the windows with a black and grey for some window detail.  I did the same technique for the Tires and Wheels, Headlights, and Grill.




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# Brandon
Saturday, March 27, 2010 4:25 PM
how do i download this software.?

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