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G-Spec Nissan 370Z braided steel brake line
Look at that fit!  Nice attention to detail

This super line is machine sweged to solid machined junction blocks and vehicle specific fittings.  The line near the fitting is shielded with plastic sleeves to help the line pass the stringent DOT whip test.  OEM compatible retention clips are also supplied in every G-Spec brake line kit.  In short this is one high quality brake line.  We are very impressed.

G-Spec 370Z nissan braided steel brake line install
Nice tidy OEM like fit

The G-Spec lines bolted in easily and we bled the system using Motul 660 brake fluid.  We are quite in love with the performance of Motul 660 from experience with our racing team.  It simply resists fade like no other fluid while also resisting moisture better than most street fluids.

In our test drive, we were quite impressed with the performance of the lines.  Brake feel was greatly improved from the first brake application, the G-Spec lines made a bigger difference than what we normally expect with braided lines, we figure it must be the Kevlar.  We immediately noticed the improvement, even when simply driving around in the parking lots.  On the street, we noted much improved pedal feel and faster ABS cycling.  Although we were skeptical on how much a simple line change could improve the cars excellent stock brakes, we were amazed at the improvement of feel and feedback from these lines.  We highly recommend G-Specs lines.

Nissan 370Z brake master cylinder location
Bleeding Nissan 370Z brakes
The 370Z's brake master cylinder reservoir hides under this plastic cover, be sure you don't let it go dry during the bleeding process because bleeding ABS from scratch is a bitch.  We used a vacuum bleeder to get the air out of the lines





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# KillerBee370
Monday, July 27, 2009 2:20 AM
Brake pedal feel is firm and constant. Quite a difference over stock actually that one might overlook because perhaps they will feel it is an uneccissary upgrade but one that will improve performance and driver feedback when it comes to braking. Personally this should be among one of the first steps when looking to modify a vehicle in my opinion.

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