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Technosquare Looking for a Nissan 370Z Development Car

As we stated in our engine technology section, we feel that a flash may make a huge performance difference with the  Nissan370Z due to the assumed bias of the VVEL system toward FTP cycle optimization, particularly in regards to the VVEL control scheduling taking the role of engine throttle control.  This means that the valve events have been compromised to fulfill compliance with parts of the FTP drive cycle instead of optimal power production and throttle response.

370Z SPL Rear Camber Arm

SPL Nissan 370Z Adjustable Camber Arms; Review & Installation by Mike Bonanni

Camber is an alignment setting on your car that denotes the angle of your wheel and tire in relation to the road surface. Camber can be zeroed out, negative, or positive. When camber is zeroed out, it means that your tire is perfectly parallel to the road surface. When camber is negative that means your wheel and tire is tilted inward at the top. The opposite is true for positive camber.

370z Nissan 370Z unveiling By Mari Umekubo 

There was an air of restrained excitement last November at the first official viewing of the new Nissan 370Z hosted by  Previously Nissan fans had to settle for blurry spy shots and shaky video of disguised cars being tested by Nissan on California streets and conceptual sketches shown on the internet.  Now we would be able to see, touch and photograph actual undisguised production cars in the flesh.

370Z digital renderingCreate Your Own Nissan 370Z - Part 1 by Charlie Barnes

For all you dreamers and customizers alike who wondered what the Nissan 370Z looked like in different skins, one thing we all have in common is the desire to put our "wonders" into some sort of reality.  I wanted to see what making my own wallpaper...

Nissan 370Z Review Styling

Nissan 370Z Review; Styling Impressions by MotoIQ Staff

We had known something was up at Nissan when we spotted 7/8 scale 350Z's with bulged hoods and flared fenders rolling around at night and when peering through the plastic slats in the chain link fence surrounding Nissan's Gardena California Headquarters—slats that were intended to block causal viewing, but didn't quite stop the observant curious from looking.  We knew Nissan was probably up to testing a new Z car and our wish was to be able to take a peek at it.

Blue Nissan 370z

Nissan 370Z Review; Driving Impressions  by MotoIQ Staff

Most web publications have not been able to get a good hard look at the Nissan 370Z, but recently we were lucky enough to give a pre-production six-speed manual 370Z with a sport aero and brake package from Nissan's test fleet a short test drive. In that short test ride we were quite impressed with the 370Z's refinement and capabilities.   Frankly, we're amazed at what Nissan has done to the Z in this latest iteration despite being jaded, hard to impress car guys. 

Nissan 370z vq37vhr engine infiniti g37

Nissan 370Z Review; Engine (VQ37VHR) by Mike Kojima

The VQ37VHR engine found in the new Nissan 370Z is a marvel of automotive engineering, powerful, clean and efficient, but from a tuner's perspective it is controversial.  Although the VQ37VHR is a work of engine design art, we predict that it will be exceedingly hard to modify beyond basic bolt-ons.  At a glance the VQ37VHR pulls some impressive numbers pumping out 332 hp @7000 rpm and 270 lb-ft of torque @5200 rpm out of 3.7 liters in the 370Z chassis.

370Z Automatic transmission shifter driveline interior

Nissan 370Z Review; Drivetrain by Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z's drive train is state of the art with innovative features for both the automatic and manual versions of the transmission. These features should give the Nissan 370Z a significant performance edge over other cars in its price category.  The 370Z is available with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission and a close-ratio but wide gearing range 7-speed automatic transmission.

Nissan 370Z brakes

Nissan 370Z Review; Brakes by Mike Kojima

Speed in itself is not dangerous, very rapid deceleration is!  For this reason, brakes are the most important system of any high performance car. The Nissan 370Z does not disappoint in the braking department.

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Are there any aftermarket turbo kits available for the VQ37VHR?

Jorge Medina
Corona, CA

It's no small feat trying to assemble a turbo kit for an engine with a high 11.0:1 compression ratio, but you are in luck.  Although other companies are working on putting together a forced induction product, GTM is the only one that currently offers a complete turbo kit for the VQ37VHR- a twin turbo kit that includes everything you need to get boosted from the Garrett ball bearing water and oil cooled turbochargers to a bar and plate intercooler rated up to 1000 horsepower.  READ ON!


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