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370Z make your own digital rendering

Build Your Own Nissan 370Z:  Part II by Charlie Barnes

Now that we got our car drawn out and colored, it is time to put some new kicks.  In this case, I chose the VOLK GT-V's.


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Nissan 370z on Dyno

We Dyno the Nissan 370Z (2 NEW Videos)! by Mike Kojima

With Nissan claiming some awesome production power numbers for the 370Z, we decided to put the car through a dyno test to see if Nissan is able to back up their claims on actual production cars.  Our test mules are both sport model 370Zs, bone stock from the dealer with just a few hundred break in miles.

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Berk Technologies 370Z cats and downpipesBERK Technology Nissan 370Z Downpipes by Mike Bonanni

When evaluating the exhaust system on the Nissan 370Z we were amazed how restrictive it was.  The tubing diameter is tiny for an engine with the output of the VHR37.  To help address this issue we decided to start uncorking the exhaust system by evaluating a set of high flow Catalytic Converters and Downpipes from Berk Technology.

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370z'sTechnosquare Dyno Day! by MotoIQ Staff
Technosquare Inc. held an open house and Dyno Day on Saturday 3/7/2009.  The open house featured technical seminars and tuning sessions by the Technosquare staff.  Notable industry personalities made appearances... Several examples of the still rare Nissan 370Z were present

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Nismo 370Z

NISMO 370Z Parts  by Sarah Forst

Nismo, Nissan's factory performance arm has released a group of factory tuned performance accessories for the 370Z to the motoring public in Japan. Nismo will be offering two performance packages to enhance the driving experience of the 370Z.

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