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Technosquare Inc has been hard at work and has cracked much of the ECU code for the Nissan 370Z and are now looking for a local Southern California Z owner to work with to develop a tuning flash for the new VQ37VHR.  Technosquare is looking for a 6-speed sports package, 6-speed base package and automatic equipped cars to develops flashes for.

As we stated in our engine technology section, we feel that a flash may make a huge performance difference with the 370Z due to the assumed bias of the VVEL system toward FTP cycle optimization, particularly in regards to the VVEL control scheduling taking the role of engine throttle control.  This means that the valve events have been compromised to fulfill compliance with parts of the FTP drive cycle instead of optimal power production and throttle response.

In short we think that more advance in the low rpm range, more overlap in the mid range and perhaps a faster overall ramp toward the maximum valve lift and duration could fatten the power curve considerably beyond the regular tuning of fuel and spark for racing off road use only 370Z's.  We feel that the VHR engine probably leaves a lot on the table in this area and with the exhaust system, low hanging fruit on the power tree.

If you own a 370Z, live in Southern California and want to take part in pioneering the 370Z performance scene give Technosquare a call at 310 787-0847.  Ask for Tadashi.

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# KillerBee370
Monday, March 09, 2009 6:40 AM
They have my 6 spd sport and one other (manual sport). Let the testing begin!

BTW it was nice meeting you at Technosquare's dyno day Mike. I look forward to seeing you and the technosquare guys on a regular basis as my Z goes through progressive changes.

Mike Kojima
# Mike Kojima
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:02 PM
Good deal!

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