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The Nismo 370Z Performance Package in Japan includes a full stainless-steel dual cat back exhaust system ($1850 US dollars approximately), Nismo S-Tune dampers and springs ($1200), S-Tune brake pads that provide increased grip and fade resistance (front and rear each $260), and a set of Nismo 370Z LMZ5 lightweight forged alloy 19” wheels, 19x9 for the front and 19x10 in the rear. The wheels are available in Nismo silver, each costing about $750. 

The Nismo 370Z S-Tune exhaust system is made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.  We think that the exhaust is key for freeing power from the VHR37 engine The exhaust system as shown on the 370Z.  The Nismo exhaust is designed to complement the cars underbody aerodynamics The exhaust for the Nismo 370Z sports polished stainless tips

NISMO 370z Suspension NISMO 370z Brake Pads NISMO 370z Sway Bars
The S-Tune suspension for the Nismo 370Z lowers the car slightly and firms things up without being excessively harsh Nismo has high performance brake pads for the 370Z.  The pads are fade resistant but still work well in cold temperatures and are easy on rotors Nismo's S-Tune antisway bars complement the springs and shocks


NISMO 370z Wheels
Nismo's 19" wheels for the 370Z are 9" wide for the front and 10" wide for the rear.  They are made of lightweight forged aluminum

Nismo will also release a set of braces for the 370Z.  The one underhood and two underbody braces will go a long way toward stiffening the 370Z’s already stiff underbody.  Nismo has developed a set of S-Tune Antisway bars for the 370Z; the Nismo bars are tubular for light weight and have considerably more roll stiffness than the stock parts.  Nismo S-Tune suspension parts are designed to improve handling balance and reduce body pitch and roll while not compromising ride or affecting ABS and VDC operation.

NISMO 370z Braces
These three chassis braces are used by Nismo to greatly stiffen the chassis of the 370Z



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# ZmokinZ
Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:03 PM
Is tuning necessary if the stock exhaust is replaced with the performance one or can they just be swaped out?
Mike Kojima
# Mike Kojima
Friday, May 22, 2009 11:37 PM
No tuning needed! It helps but it is not manditiory.
# newB370Z
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:47 PM
I am new to the tuning world and am very interested in the Nismo 370Z and would be very interested in any more information I can find on adding twin turbos to the vehicle and what kind of upgrades/tuning would need to be done in order to get the best performance without F*ing up the engine. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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