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Technosquare's Nissan 370Z/ Infiniti G37 Performance ECU Reflash Released!

by Mike Kojima


The long awaited Technosquare Nissan 370Z ECU reflash is here. Not a piggyback that fights the stock ECU self learning loop or a hard to set up, difficult to engineer into the factory CANBUS protocols, standalone aftermarket ECU, the Technosquare ECU reprograms the stock ECU in the same way that the Nissan factory does.

Technosquare changes the factory fuel, timing, rev limit and VVEL/VTC cam control maps to get a respectable gain of 11 whp and 10 lb/ft of torque. The gains are pretty much across the board, starting at 2700 rpm and continuing until the rev limiter stops the fun. The gains are large and consistent through the entire rev range, greatly increasing the area under the power curve.
Technosqaure Nissan 370Z Infiniti G37 ECU reflash dyno results
Power gains from the Technosquare Nissan 370Z ECU reflash are accross the board and add a considerable amount of power under the curve, especialy above the factory 7700 rpm rev limit
The most impressive part of the ECU flash is the extension of the factory rev limit from 7700 to 8000 rpm. The power continues to climb to 8000 rpm and adds a huge useable area to the power curve.
Technosquare can also do custom reprogramming to accommodate larger injectors, larger airflow meters, forced induction and other extensive modifications. The reflash is reversible so it can easily be returned to stock if need be. Sometimes when the 370Z is modified, certain mods can trip a failsafe mode in the ECU that sporadically retards the timing and causes inconsistent running.  Technosqaure can fix these sorts of issues with a custom ECU flash.
Technosquares ECU reflash also works well on the Infinti G37 sedan and coupe. The Technosquare reflash is available now for Automatic and Syncro-Rev 6-speed models.  A reflash for base models is coming soon.





Technosquare Inc.

310 787-0847

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# KillerBee370
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 3:39 PM
Looks great. What's the difference in the comparison here between the black and red lines though? Is one a corrected (load) whp while the other is flywheel? Numbers would be good as well.

Also, what does this mean for an overall whp gain if bone stock I started with 261? Because it certainly would seem it's more than 11 whp!!

# KillerBee370
Saturday, April 25, 2009 7:53 PM
ahhh got it. thanks
# Coheed
Saturday, June 13, 2009 3:59 AM
It looks like this is the best bang for the buck upgrade so far. Look at how much it helps the powerband, by broadening it up. This will make a big difference!

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