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The Jim Wolf Technology Dual POP Charger for the 370Z is one nice piece, and its even smog legal CARB approved!
The Jim Wolf Technology Dual POP charger is one of the first air intake systems for the 370Z on the market so naturally we are driven to be one of the first to test it! Going into the test, we didn’t have high expectations for an increase of performance as the 370Z has a very efficient induction system stock and we didn’t think that a higher flow intake would help the engine produce much more power, especial as the first mod on the engine.  We feel that the primary difficulty of the VHR37 is the corked up exhaust system as some of our preliminary testing on other cars has shown.
A 6-Speed manual sports model was the test mule for our first test on Technosquare's Superflow Chassis Dyno
We used a new six speed sports model 370Z with a few hundred miles on the odometer as our test subject. Before the installation of the JWT Dual POP, we baselined the car on Technosquare’s AutoDyn 30 Superflow chassis dyno. The Superflow dyno is unique in that it uses both an inertial weighted roller and an eddy current load cell to provide the working load against the engine. Because of this more controllable and more linear load on the engine, the Superflow is superior for tuning but it tends to read at least 10 hp less than what a Dynojet, an inertial only dyno would read on a naturally aspirated car. Since the inexpensive and common Dynojet is an industry standard for forum jockeys, be aware that what is important is A to B comparisons, not peak bragging rights numbers. 
We first baselined the car by running many consecutive pulls on the dyno until the power levels stabilized. When baselining the car on Technosquare’s Superflow dyno we noted that the car detonated on tip in during the dyno’s settling period. This is the time where the dyno’s eddy current brake holds the engine at a steady 1500 rpm at wide open throttle for around 10 seconds until the engines output stabilizes. We were concerned that the detonation would cause the engine’s ECU to go into a low octane mode or retard the timing erratically. We were able to get fairly consistent baseline power pulls though on the stock car and we proceeded with the test.


The installation of the JWT 370Z Dual POP charger was a simple bolt on affair starting with the removal of the factory air boxes and filters


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# Xaqtly
Tuesday, April 07, 2009 9:16 PM
Nice job Mike. Too bad it didn't make more power, but if the 370's stock intake is as efficient as you said, that's not bad. I am waiting to see what a good open exhaust will do on this thing.


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