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370Z Automatic transmission shifter driveline interior

Nissan 370Z Review; Drivetrain by Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z's drive train is state of the art with innovative features for both the automatic and manual versions of the transmission. These features should give the Nissan 370Z a significant performance edge over other cars in its price category.  The 370Z is available with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission and a close-ratio but wide gearing range 7-speed automatic transmission.

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Nissan 370Z brakes

Nissan 370Z Review; Brakes by Mike Kojima

Speed in itself is not dangerous, very rapid deceleration is!  For this reason, brakes are the most important system of any high performance car. The Nissan 370Z does not disappoint in the braking department.

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Nissan 370Z Suspension TechnologyNissan 370Z Review; Suspension by Mike Kojima

Thanks to, we were invited to the first public viewing of the Nissan 370Z.  While other Journalists busied themselves by jostling for a chance to photograph the outside, sit inside or eat the tasty burritos and tacos provided for the event, we got down and dirty, crawling on the ground to look at the underpinnings so we could try to get a more technical view of the car.

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Nissan 370z_hazardlight

Obviously if you are here, you are either a Z-car fan or at least thinking of becoming one.  You are probably at least interested in Nissans latest entry into the affordable sports car market, the Nissan 370Z.  Read On!


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